The Alpine Club of Canada - Vancouver Section

Alpine Club of Canada Vancouver Section - Winter Backcountry

For Backcountry Skiers, Snowboarders, & Showshoers (As Needed)

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bullet toque/balaclava
bullet sun hat
bullet sunglasses
bullet goggles
bullet bandanna
bullet jacket (waterproof/breathable)
bullet pants (waterproof/breathable)
bullet glove/mitt liners
bullet outer gloves/mitts
bullet long underwear (not cotton!)
bullet fleece/wool sweater
bullet fleece/wool pants
bullet gaiters
bullet warm socks
bullet down jacket/vest
bullet whistle (attached to jacket or backpack shoulder strap_
bullet ski/snowboard boots


bullet shovel
bullet probe
bullet transceiver (457 kHz)
bullet skis/snowboard (bindings adjusted)
bullet touring bindings (Alpine trekkers)
bullet climbing skins/snowshoes
bullet poles
bullet repair kit (spare binding parts, multi-tool, duct-tape, hose clamps, wire, accessory cord, pole basket etc.)
bullet kneepads (for tele-heads!)
bullet water bottle/thermos
bullet food (high energy!)
bullet sun screen/lip balm
bullet pocket knife
bullet lighter/matches/fire starter
bullet headlamp (with spare bulb/fresh battery or spare)
bullet backpack (appropriate size and fit)
bullet brain (in full working order)

Group Gear

bullet topographic map (1:50,000 or 1:20,000)
bullet route information/guidebook/avalanche bulletin
bullet compass (declination set?)/GPS
bullet altimeter
bullet first aid kit & training
bullet foam insulating pad
bullet bivy sack(s) and/or tarp
bullet rope and parts for improvised toboggan
bullet spare food and water
bullet snow study kit & training

Other Gear as Needed

bullet _________________________
bullet _________________________
bullet _________________________
bullet _________________________
bullet _________________________
bullet _________________________
bullet _________________________

Think we forgot something from one of our lists? Let us know.

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