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Alpine Club of Canada Vancouver Section - Ice Climbing

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bullet polypro/Capilene long sleeved T shirt (2)
bullet polypro/Capilene tights (2)
bullet polypro/Capilene sox (2)
bullet polypro/Capilene gloves (2)
bullet polypro/Capilene balaclava
bullet underwear (2)
bullet bra
bullet sports bra
bullet wool socks (2)
bullet soft shell jacket
bullet down beanie
bullet belay parka
bullet Hollofil jacket
bullet fleece gloves
bullet fleece balaclava
bullet fleece pants
bullet winter soft shell pants
bullet Goretex jacket
bullet Goretex pants
bullet Goretex overmitts
bullet Goretex gaiters
bullet ice climbing gloves
bullet baseball cap
bullet bandanna
bullet camp booties
bullet bootie covers
bullet plastic boots
bullet spare bootlaces
bullet orthotics


bullet avalanche beacon
bullet spare batteries for beacon
bullet shovel
bullet duct tape
bullet headlamp
bullet spare headlamp battery
bullet backpack
bullet daypack
bullet harness
bullet rope
bullet rack
bullet nut tool
bullet slings, 'biners & cordelettes
bullet pulley
bullet short prussik (for rappelling or ascending)
bullet climbing helmet
bullet ice tools (2)
bullet hiking pole(s)
bullet crampons
bullet allen key for crampons
bullet picket
bullet deadman
bullet ice screws
bullet Abolakov hooker
bullet Yak Trax

Camping Gear

bullet tent
bullet ground sheet
bullet snow stakes
bullet bivi bag
bullet thin foamie
bullet inflatable sleeping pad
bullet patch kit for inflatable sleeping pad
bullet sleeping bag
bullet candle lantern


bullet small foamie (if not bringing thin foamie for camping)
bullet space blanket
bullet knife
bullet map
bullet compass
bullet altimeter
bullet GPS
bullet guide book or photocopies of relevant pages
bullet hand and foot warmers
bullet sunglasses (Rx if needed)
bullet contact lens kit (lenses, case, cleaner, eyedrops, hand gel, wipes)
bullet sunscreen
bullet Chapstick
bullet toothbrush & paste
bullet dental floss
bullet handkerchief
bullet earplugs
bullet safety pins
bullet whistle
bullet toilet paper
bullet "feminine hygiene" products (if needed)
bullet camera
bullet book
bullet comb
bullet watch
bullet candle (as firestarter)
bullet matches & lighter
bullet wallet
bullet passport (out of country trips only)
bullet cell phone (if it will work in area)
bullet FRS radio (if others in group have them)


bullet 1 l. water bottle
bullet thermos
bullet stove
bullet stove windshield
bullet fuel
bullet pots
bullet insulated mug
bullet eating utensils
bullet eating container
bullet scrub pad & soap
bullet can opener


bullet blister kit
bullet first aid kit
bullet personal medications


bullet sugar
bullet salt
bullet cooking oil
bullet herbal tea
bullet black tea or coffee
bullet hot chocolate
bullet hot apple cider
bullet bagels or bread or rye crisps
bullet cheese
bullet salami or sausage or canned fish
bullet dried fruit
bullet cookies
bullet chocolate
bullet carbohydrate gel
bullet dinner
bullet breakfast

In Car

bullet change of clothes
bullet extra water
bullet junk food

Think we forgot something from one of our lists? Let us know.

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