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Fri, Feb 3 2012 - Zupjok Day Trip Ski / Snowshoe (View Original Event Details)

Event Leader(s): Rob Brusse
Participants:Rob Brusse, Rolf Kullak, Chloe Tergiman

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Write Up:
Zupjok Friday 3 Feb 2012 Had a fine day’s outing to check out Zupjok on Friday. Left town @ 6:30 with Chloe & Rolf, traffic was fairly light despite ongoing work on the Port Mann bridge & access routes. After the usual “Tim-bits” break at the Cottonwood Mall in Chilliwack we arrived at the Zopkios rest area by 9 am. As we arrived another car load of 4 ladies from Chilliwack arrived. They would travel on snowshoes while we decided to switch to ski’s….Long story short….this is probably a better snowshoe than ski venue….if you want a good beginner friendly ski trip go to Zoa. We put the rest area “telephone room” to good use as a change area and in short order, under slightly cool (- 2 C) conditions but with a beautiful clear sky we hit the obvious trail ( 10 feet south of the washrooms. Our planning was canny….the ladies off to a quick start (and hard to catch up to)…managed to break trail most of the way to the summit. Little elevation is gained over the first couple of kilometres…..there are a few slight downhill glides which made themselves more than evident on the way back. The track (old service road) remains evident for about another kilometre before cutting into the forest and heading for a large-ish boulder on the Ottomite/Zupjok col which marks the point to change direction (head right - uphill) staying quite close to the ridge leading directly to Zupjok. The sun warmed the snow as we ascended, and the snow got a little heavier as the day went on. We made good time through the forest and were on the summit 3 hours after leaving the cars. Our Chilliwack compatriots joined us a little while later. They’d decided to seek a little respite & shelter in the last copse of trees before venturing out to do the last 500 meters along the easy but wind blown ridge. After a brief lunch break where we re-acquainted ourselves with some of the past summers adventures (Llama, Rey, Vicuna, Guanaco) and imagined those in the months to come (Ibex, Steinbok, Yak, Gamuza, Alpaca) we headed back whence we came. The snow on the ski down wasn’t great but we got to the service road without incident and in short order. And, except for a couple of brief “herring bones” along the service trail the last couple of clicks passed in a flash. Zupjok is a really good destination if you’re looking to do something relatively benign in a little over half a day….Perhaps not as beginner friendly a ski tour as Zoa, nevertheless the area has other attractions (easy ski to Ottomite). The heated change area is a definite plus both at the beginning and end of the day. Participants Rob Brusse (l & r) Chloe Tergiman, Rolf Kullak

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