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Sat, Aug 1 2009 - Mt Cheam + Lady Peak - Hike (View Original Event Details)

Event Leader(s): Rob Brusse
Participants:Rob Brusse, Mandy MacIver, Ben Platzer, Murray Lashmar

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Write Up:
Mt Cheam & Lady Peak - Aug 1 2009 Trip Report Left the house at 6 am to pick up Murray Lashmar, Ben Platzer and Mandy MacIver. Made reasonable time (mandatory stop at Timmy’s) to Vedder Crossing where as instructed set the odometer to 0. Slavishly following instructions we whizzed by the FSR turn off because my oversized tires understated our actual mileage by about 6%. So, since the odometer said we still had a couple of clicks to go, we ignored the prominently placed Forest Service Road sign. (and, as Ben pointed out the speed-o is probably understating rate of travel as well) Finally, realizing the error of our ways we headed back, and up the Foley / Chipmunk Creek FSR. After about 4 clicks the road starts to gain elevation and becomes progressively more heavily cross barred, but remains surprisingly driveable (carefully) and seems to see a lot of traffic, judging by the scene at the parking lot when we arrived. (HTML Permitted)Photo Album URL: Send Notification?:  (send an automatic notification to attendees about the update?)  Web Site design and development by Andwa Consulting. Copyright © 2009 - Alpine Club of Canada Vancouver Section - Legal Notices This was my first outing to the mountains in over a year since tearing my medial meniscus, on a relatively easy hike in the Tetons. We’d picked the easiest objective in an area I haven’t previously visited that also provided an opportunity for those (everyone else) who might be faster and in better shape to make a reasonable day of it. The Cheam trail does that in spades. The track pretty much starts at tree line - or in BC what sometimes passes for tree line - the far upper end of a high elevation cut-block. The parking area provides quick and easy access to alpine meadows. After walking (for about 20 minutes) along the slowly dis??appearing remains of the old logging road you round a corner, top a small raise and suddenly enter the completely different world of a high alpine bowl –festooned with grasses, flowers, creeks and beneath the remnants of avalanche debris, the small Spoon Lake. The wide and well trodden trail crosses through the meadows of the lower bowl before gaining elevation in a mellow ascending traverse across the lower slopes of Lady Peak, at the far end of which a faint track heads directly uphill towards the summit block of Lady. For us, today, it was the trail not travelled. Instead we followed the track, and throngs directly to the sunny summit of Cheam. A quick trot down brought us back to the cars in about an hour. Summary Access info:- ClubTread Trail wiki, Matt Gunn’s Scrambles in Southwest British Columbia, and 103 Hikes. 3 hour drive to Chipmunk Creek FSR !/2 hour, 15 k on 4wd road (Rav4 or better) to trailhead. Brakes better be in good shape for the drive down. About 1˝ hour walk on popular trail to Cheam Summit. On a good day, it’s easily possible to make a two-fer day of it by including a moderate scramble to summit Lady Peak If considering both, it would be more convenient to ascend Lady first (the up-track for which takes off - just before the trail rises more steeply and crosses from the slopes of Lady to the lower slopes of Mt Cheam (about 200 vertical feet below a second upper bowl and tarns) here a faint trail heads directly upwards towards the north ridge of Lady’s summit block.

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