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Sat, Oct 23 2010 - ACC National Semi-Annual Board Meeting Oct 23-24 (View Original Event Details)

Event Leader(s): Rob Brusse
Participants:Rob Brusse

Write Up:
Report to the Members of the Vancouver Section

Secretary’s Report, Gordon Currie VP
At the Spring 2010 Meeting the Board adopted a Strategic Plan. During the past summer a few executive attended the Fund Development Plus program, have begun sketching out a future fund development program and allocated funds in the coming year to hire a part-time fund development officer.
A grant was secured from MEC to conduct an audit of governance practices. A summary of findings was presented to the board and feedback solicited, further feedback will be sought over the next several months and Gordon expects to present a series of recommendations regarding governance (which are intended to tie in with developments of the Clubs strategic planning process) at the May 2011 Board meeting.
Lake Louise (CAC) - downturn in economy negatively affecting results. Nevertheless there will be a dividend of $10,000. Gordon is satisfied that CAC are doing what they can in adverse circumstances.

Treasurer’s Report, Neil Bosch VP
Anticipate a $60,000 surplus despite adverse economic conditions. (+10,000 per secretary’s report above) Investments of Designated funds continue to achieve unusually high returns, ``it is far more realistic to expect the rates of return to come down over the coming months`` Estimates introduction of HST will result in a 5-15% increase in membership fees.

Budget 2011:
Introduction of HST in BC and Ontario has caused the club to revise how taxes are charged on membership fees. From now on members will pay applicable provincial taxes on top of membership fees. In BC this will add about $8 to the amounts that members pay to join the club.
The Board approved a $2 per member fee increase. (Vancouver voted against) A break even- budget for the coming year including an (optimistic in my view) estimate of $100,000 in additional hut & club house revenues) was approved.

Access & Environment Report, David Foster VP
Access developments at Gatineau Park continue to occupy a considerable amount of time and energy of the A & E VP as well as those of the Ottawa and Outaouais Sections and several local organizations such as CPAWS and the local Climbers Access Coalition. The National Capital Commission (NCC) appears to be intent on implementing a highly restrictive management regime which will reduce access to cliffs and routes by more than 60%. These restrictions will have a significant adverse effect on recreational opportunities not only for members of these 2 sections but also on all like minded recreationists who have recreated in the park.

Activities Report, Roger Laurilla VP
The executive and management have decided to reduce the emphasis on mountain activities in part as a result of the experience of the last few years especially since 2008, and in part to align more closely with member services strategies contemplated by the recently adopted Strategic Plan.
There have been no registrations for recent global camps and a continuing lack of interest in summer camps as well. GMC`s continue to be supported. Next year GMC will be in the Mt Tsar area west of the Clemenceau.
Despite this apparent lack of interest in club offerings it is anticipated the portfolio will operate ahead of budget in the coming year due to elimination of the glossy brochures and reduction in staff costs.
Why are we involved in training? Has been part of the club mandate since day one, the sections have been asking for evaluations of leaders.

Mountain Culture Report, Isabelle Daigneault VP
Over the summer a detailed appraisal of the library (3,500 titles) contents was conducted. It was concluded that there were no duplicate titles and none were found to be irrelevant. Since the collection (with some temporary exceptions) can no longer be housed at the Whyte Museum it was decided that the process of housing the collection at the Canmore Clubhouse should begin. Fundraising for the project will likely begin early in the new year.

Facilities Report, Carl Hannigan VP
Mountain Parks Plans: Parks Canada Agency appears to want a new hut near Mont des Poilus (to make for a safer route option and offer accommodation on a complete traverse from Bow to Stanley Mitchell huts) .
High Priority:
Parks Canada has informed a number of interested parties (ACC among them) of its intention to issue a RFP regarding the possibility of hut sleeping about 25 people (families, youth & school groups) at rates in the $30 range at the site of the former Egypt Lake Shelter.
Medium Priority:
ACC has expressed a desire to build a replacement Fay Hut at Taylor Lake. Parks Canada is not prepared to offer this site as a replacement for the Fay hut presently. They see the Taylor Lake site as part of the new network of trails along the Great Divide. The intention is to identify a new trail system and locations for roofed accommodation seek expressions of interest and tender on basis of responses.
Low Priority:
BEES (Backcountry Energy & Environmental Solutions (conference held this year in Colorado – details available at will be of particular interest to those following or involved in the Spearhead huts project. Major work completed extensive use of recycled- rubber tiled flooring in mountain huts

Executive Director’s Report, Lawrence White ED
It has been a busy year in the office, Sandy Walker left on April 1st and a replacement could not start before September increasing the work load on available staff through the summer. BC & Ontario introduced HST further delaying the rolling out to members of additional online services.
There were minor incidents on section trips this summer. However, our insurance brokers and underwriters continue to be pleased with our safety record and therefore we will not see an increase in general liability premiums this year.
Property insurance premiums will likely rise as a result of a large claim by a private operator this year.
The new Parks Canada management plan took a disproportionate amount of time to adequately represent the interests of the ACC

Section Reports
Montreal Section proposed a motion - carried unanimously –That with the goal of increasing club membership in the Francophone communities of Canada; the club develop a plan to have its website contents and essential public relations and communications translated into French, including such things as brochures pamphlets, banners and membership cards.

Nominating Committee Report, Cam Roe (Past President)
Presented the following slate for election at the May Annual General Meeting:

  • President: Peter Muir
  • Secretary: Gordon Currie
  • Treasurer: Neil Bosch
  • VP Facilities: Carl Hannigan
  • VP Services: David Foster
  • VP Access & Environment: Selena Swets
  • VP Activities: Zac Robinson
  • VP Mountain Culture: Isabelle Daigneault

Respectfully Submitted:
Rob Brusse Chair (Section Rep)
Vancouver Section Alpine Club of Canada

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