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Sun, Apr 28 2019 - Mentoring Program - Mt Seymour Snow Play (View Original Event Details)

Event Leader(s): Neil Kirk
Participants:Neil Kirk, Vivash Naidu, Pawel Stepniak, Claude Vessaz

Write Up:
Great group of Mentors and Mentees, great weather, and good route conditions (snow mostly consolidated and frozen for fast travel)
4 hours to Runner Peak via 1st peak Seymour, Tim Jones, and west shoulder of 3rd Peak. Steep snow descents practised enroute, a short bit of rope work on Runner over rock band near summit, 20 m rap on descent.
3 hours down from Runner, accross Runner-Seymour col, and up NE ridge of Seymour. Classic west coast mixed snow, a bit of rock, and pinch of vegetation. We carried 3 pickets, 5 deadman, 6 cams, and lots of slings. Used all pickets and deadman, 2 cams, and many slings on trees.
3 hours down from Seymour, with a stop for crevasse rescue practise off of Tim Jones peak. Leader reviewed techniques, then dropped over 2 m cornice with 40 degree snow slope below. The two mentees were left on their own to rig and successfully rescue, while the other mentor kept an eye on things.

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