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Sat, Feb 9 2019 - "Take me to a pretty place" Beginner Series 2 (View Original Event Details)

Event Leader(s): Manouane Deschenes
Participants:Ian MacNab, Manouane Deschenes, Gina Marie Hopper, Ross Kelly, Keith Nagy, Paul Demeule, Carole Lunny, Monika Pal

Write Up:
We met at the Starbucks in Squamish at 7am. We took our time in the cafe, because winds were extreme and we were hoping that with time it would die down. We discussed navigation apps, and some group strategies, equipment to carry etc... One of the members had created a trip plan form that I copied to leave on our dashboard, a proactive move! We got to the Biathlon parking lot at around 8:30 and started skiing around 9:10. Our turn around time was planned for 2:30 pm. We made our way on the icy skin track of the marked Hanging Lake trail. Progress was slow and steady. At about 1150m, the snow became less like cement and more forgiving. We reached the lake without any serious issues at about noon. We were in a very sunny and scenic spot, with views of Rainbow mountain, and plumes of snow billowing off the ridges. The sky was bright blue. The scenery made us forget the cold. With windchill, it must have been around minus 20 degrees. We stopped to have lunch in a sheltered and sunny area. Later, we crossed the lake going north, and observed good skiing opportunities for future visits. We also observed that snowmobiles are using the area for recreation. The area is part of the motorized zone that encompasses Sproat and the access of the Powder Mountain snowmobile club. Luckily for us, there were no active snowmobiling while we were enjoying the area. We reached the northmost section of the ridge, had a good look around Rainbow lake and inviting north facing slopes off Gin ridge. Then we skied back to the lake and back down the trail. It was a challenging descent, and our legs were cramping at times, due to snowplowing on ice, but everyone made it in one piece and with big smiles to the cars at 3. The group felt that they had learned more techniques on the difficult track, and they had more experience to tackle future zones and more challenging terrain. I tried to pass along words of wisdom from guides and teachers who formed me. I spread the gospel of Cyril Shokoples to the Coastal ranges...

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