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Fri, Oct 26 2018, Sat, Oct 27 2018 - ACC Fall BoD & Section Council Mtg (View Original Event Details)

Event Leader(s): Anna Milino, Rob Brusse
Participants:Rob Brusse, Anna Milino

Write Up:
Section Forum – October 27, 2018 Chelsea’s Notes Discussion about UA members and how to discourage UA membership and encourage Section affiliation. - Can we increase price of UA membership so Sections are offered at a discount? - Do we want to re-word local section benefits? Including voting at local section and local section activities. Lida offers to re-word if we want. Overview of Section dashboard - Jeff to review some numbers that don’t match - Can we email all of the people who haven’t set up a new profile. IT Working Group discussion - Sections are all over the map on IT functionality - What are smaller sections’ common needs? - We need an IT working group. Who would be interested in joining? - Diversity of sections provides a challenge for having an all- encompassing service levels. - Is anyone interested on being on IT working Group? o Steve Rockarts – ED o Dave Henwood – OK o Mark Zeiber – SA o Bryce Schroers - SK o Ashton Beaupre – SB (not sure who they have who could provide IT assistance - Question from Lida (CA) about ability to ‘save’ beds for Sections. Sometimes you can book 13 months in advance but not always. o What percentage of people book our huts that aren’t members? o What is the timing on a hut booking system? o Will there be a way to say “what hut is available this weekend”? in a hut booking system - Ha Ling Film LUNCH -Board joins after lunch. Questions for Board? - Ivan (SK) – Can you give an update on the Castle Mtn Wilderness huts? - prov gov’t put aside land in Castle Wildland Prov Park. Committed to building 3 backcountry huts. A system of 3 facilities connected by a watershed that will be operated by the ACC National (booking, etc done by us). Hopefully be turning ground by next spring. Maybe booking by next summer. - Ivan (SK) – How are things going at Abbot Hut? o National Historic Site, owned by Parks Can. We’ve been running it for a while. End of summer emergency closure. Park Can committed to ‘Canada’s Mountain Story’ and freed up some money for slope stabilization. Steel rods in mountain. Wire mesh in place. They’ve made a huge investment financially. - LW – Mt Robson Update o ACC Centennial project (2006) is slowly grinding forward. Fresh blood at BC Parks in Robson and has been very keen/energetic on moving project forward. Competed geotech work and environmental screening, and first nations consultations. He thinks we’ll have a park use permit in place this year and says we can start fundraising. - Jasper Park Superintendent also approached us about some warden cabins. So more opportunities are opening up. Lawrence has that MOU on his desk. So that could be coming down the pipeline. - Glacier Park – whats going on where that old hotel was in Rogers Pass? Conversations with Parks about what assets we’d be interested in as the ACC. Wanting us at the table for long term planning for that location. We will be an invested partner in that discussion. - What is the ratio of non-members and members booking huts?*** Respect the Mountains Initiative with Lael and Chelsea - Guaging interest in Respect the Mountains and a country-wide, co-organized event. - Clean up, garbage clean-up, trail work, etc to assist in outreach and education. - How to be low-impact in the mountains, leave no trace, etc. - UIAA is the umbrella organization. We would apply to them to have our Clean Up day on their site, they would publicize it. - I’d lead/coordinate logistics. - Relationship building with UIAA, also attain sponsorship through more exposure. - This already happens all over the world. - Note – tricky to do trailwork in national or provincial parks. So maybe just cleanup. - We think early spring, but what timing does that mean to you? o What range of dates would it work best for? o Early to mid-June, on a Saturday – SEND OUT A DOODLE POLL 1:25pm Discussion about adding Rescue insurance to membership - Would be for $12/membership increase. And cover Global Rescue trailhead coverage for all Members - Board will deliberate more and come back to us in May with a recommendation. - Would need a majority vote from Sections in order to make the changes to fee structure - There are a lot of grey areas so we have a lot of questions to answer before we can make a recommendation - We have a lot of younger people who don’t have insurance concerns and it’s a price- sensitive topic. - Do these benefits only appeal to a certain group? - Mark – question – is there a policy about how membership prices increase over time? o Could it be worked in as a normal increase in membership price? o Since we haven’t increased our prices since 2007 - Or could it drive membership… 2:00pm Leadership discussion with Manitoba. - What credentials do we ask of trip leaders? Is there a vetting process for who we allow to lead trips? - Background is that there was an injury on a club trip with a leader. As a Section they asked how they could assess their leaders better. Should they limit activities that are allowed on Club trips. o Frank gives a background on leadership development program. Technical training development. o Such a wide variety of size of sections, there is no one- size-fits-all solution to all Sections. o How often do we say no to leaders? It’s difficult to say no to willing volunteers o MO has said ‘no’ to a leader before and gave an example that they used o They also strongly recommend people to take a first aid course before they lead.  Lead 4 outings and they pay back the cost of a first aid course o CA trying to develop a more formal process for vetting trip leaders  Currently only require wilderness first aid and approval by a Board Chair  If you approve a trip leader can they lead anything? Or only certain types of tips? o Some Boards approve trips before it goes on a calendar. Not just approve leaders, but also the actual trips they’re doing o So screening for different privileges, some are pre-approved to post activities o VA says “it’s a bottom end issue”, they have more issues with people leading the less demanding trips. Goodwill of approved leaders to lead trips outside their scope. o Note: not just competent leaders but they need to be competent SCREENERS for the people joining their trip as well.  Rob can share powerpoint modules to see what VA does to prime their leaders o ED is trying to encourage reporting of near-misses so they can track training a bit better  Then they maybe suggest an anchor course to that person as continued education o How many sections have mentoring programs for young leaders?  ED does. 6 people on a trip but only two of them have actually led trips since. 2:30 – Chelsea had to leave so hopefully someone has notes from here on out!!

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