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Sat, Mar 26 2016, Sun, Mar 27 2016, Mon, Mar 28 2016, Tue, Mar 29 2016, Wed, Mar 30 2016, Thu, Mar 31 2016, Fri, Apr 1 2016, Sat, Apr 2 2016 - Trophy Cabin Ski Camp $680 - BARGAIN! (View Original Event Details)

Event Leader(s): Gillian M. Palejko
Participants:Helen Weiss, John Koch-Schulte, Kristine Chapman, Gillian M. Palejko, Deborah Harden, Helen Tremlett

Write Up:
Trophy Cabin Ski Camp in Wells Gray Park 27th March to 2nd April, 2016, self- catered. Participants, Helen Tremlett, Christine Chapman, John Koch-Schulte, Deborah Harden, Helen Weiss and Gillian Palejko (leader/organizer) with one ideal guide (JF) Jean Francois. Dispatched the food at helicopter hangar, drove to Ian Eakinís (cabin owner) antique Snowcat and gently drove the 11 km to the trail head where we all skied up to the Trophy Chalet at 2100 m which is powered by solar energy gas cooking. Comprising a kitchen, living/dining area and gas sauna on the main floor and double cubicles upstairs to sleep, all bedding provided. There is an outdoor composting toilet and of course the inevitable pee tree. We had new snow the first couple of days and the avalanche risk was moderate to considerable so we skied the north facing slopes, the rest were blue bird days and we continued to favour north facing where we could. The third day we reached the top of a close by mountain and cell phone coverage enabled us to check our families for health status, which was good. We skied avidly every day and I took a couple of breaks. We all summited Trophy Peak at 2,577 m which was the highlight of the trip. We can certainly recommend Wells Gray Adventures at both Trophy and Discovery for terrain both alpine and tree skiing, easy access and reasonable rates. I include a poem to give you an impression of our outstanding group! Itís March 27 weíre poised to go Ian meets us at the hangar below. Follow a logging road up the rise See a unique vehicle, what a surprise Itís Ianís antique Snowcat Neíer youíll see another like that! Proudly gliding up the road Packs and people make the load. 2016 Troupe Trophż Skiing in just full of glee. Jean Francois le bon guide Cíest vrai quíll est intrepide Then go the six of us Enthusiastic, no fuss Steadily upwards through the trees Search for transceivers what a breeze. We know thereís more to learn So keep alert at every turn. Emerging from the trees we go Trophy Cabinís wrapped in snow Two thousand metres up you know. Helen Tremlett on split Board Energy she has a hoard. Kristineís turns on telemark skis Is a sight that all does please. Deborah H chatting away Speeds up her climb day by day. Conversation with Helen Weiss Is cordial and full of spice John K-S is packed with fun Easy going on the run Gillian, Gillian down the hill When too steep will take a spill To her aid the group comes straight Off her shoulders take the weight! Page 1 Ski the north face slopes we did Obviously the best bid With the warmth and snow pack Safety then we will not lack. Terminator down pow, pow, pow Upwards Exterminator now. Scrumptious dinner day by day Dal bat, curry, Thai gourmet Pie or cheesecake make you mouth water Another slice, donít think I ought a. JFís guitar accompanies all His singing really does enthrall. Relax in the sauna every night Roll in the snow, oh what a fright. Off to sleep in the comfy loft No snoring, no sound, not even a cough. Early morn Helen Tís up and about Donning her snow shoes Ė gone OUT The rest of us just muddle through Thinking what we need to do. Adventure time is on us now JF leads through ice, mush and pow. Starting the week we had fresh snow With really good, deep runs to go. Blue bird skies the rest of the week The climax was at Trophy Peak. 2577m! I could relate so much more but wisdom says Iíll be a bore. I pay tribute to the melded group that enjoyed each other. Thank you Jean Francois for your guiding skill, and Ian for the many years you have made these adventures possible for so many people and your wife Tay for her essential hard work. Gillian Palejko

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