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Fri, Mar 21 2014, Sat, Mar 22 2014, Sun, Mar 23 2014, Mon, Mar 24 2014, Tue, Mar 25 2014, Wed, Mar 26 2014, Thu, Mar 27 2014, Fri, Mar 28 2014, Sat, Mar 29 2014 - Kokanee Glacier Ski Camp in ACC Hut (View Original Event Details)

Event Leader(s): Gillian M. Palejko
Participants:Melinda Straight, Gillian M. Palejko, Patrick Lloyd, Linda Lloyd, Harald Kramer, Tracey Loverock, Grant Pearse, James Conlon, Serena Hartl, Glenn Friesen, Helen Tremlett, James Golding

Write Up:
Kokanee Glacier Hut 2014 March 22-29 Report On Saturday morning the 22nd March 2014, twelve privileged skiers alighted on the snow from the helicopter at the ACC Kokanee Glacier Hut, beside Kaslo Lake’s north end at an elevation of 1900 metres, for a week of what would become unforgettable skiing and memories alike. Yes privileged because this ‘hut’ or more appropriately splendid cabin/lodge carefully designed on three levels with ample space, comfort, amenities, ecologically maintained and surrounded by splendid views of the mountains and changing sky. Then to be welcomed by the congenial, knowledgeable Kevin Giles the caretaker of 27 years, who efficiently briefed us, encouraged us to improve our skill at the transceiver search ground and to upgrade our avalanche knowledge. He was a veritable source of every type of information we needed with his friendly Giles smile. The weather was good, a couple of sunny days with moderate amounts of snow on the rest affording us fresh deep powder daily. We dug snow pits to test the stability of which James Golding, James Conlon, Grant Pearce and Glen Friesen were particularly enthusiastic with the rest of us giving our astute attention. James Golding sacrificed a shovel for his efforts! Only a few spontaneous shallow slabs were seen and a small one generated and some sluffs. We skied principally the north facing slopes and monitored the effects of temperature and sun. Favourite areas to ski were, Beaujolais, Mt.Giegerich, Mt.John Carter, Battle Mountain, Happy Valley to mention a few. Some peaks were bagged but we skied on the moderate side given the snow history of winter 2013/14. Two split borders, James Conon and Helen Tremlett, each skied with energy and vigour! Helen, reminded us daily to be out and ready to leave at 9.00am. That tells you that we were a moderately laid back crowd. Patrick and Linda Lloyd would typically make a later start and catch us up. By evening Linda would be totally geared up instructing us all in yoga moves and stretches which enhanced our flexibility for the following day. It was Tracey Loverock’s birthday the day we climbed Mt. John Carter and her husband Grant had planned a cake. Followed by the appearance of Linda’s Belle Troupe, presenting, “The Harem’s Search for the Sasquatch”; notably comprised of James Golding, Serena Hartl, Linda Lloyd and Gillian P. much to the mirth of those present. Another cause for mirth was Grant Pierce who has a knack for inducing laughter and fun….his gentle teasing of me reminds me of my brother. He didn’t even complain when I mistakenly helped myself to his wine. Sharing was what everyone did. Food as usual was a notable part of the sojourn, particularly because we self-catered. Ample appetizers, excellent entrees, super salads and delectable desserts. Harald made a notable Austrian dessert as well as gluhwein. Harald Kramer a new ACC member from Nuremburg, Germany – a lifetime skier of back country, teaching safety and avalanche control experience – not to mention his easy going personality and his new found delight about Canada. He asked to leave a pair of skies at my house to insure his return next year! Glen Friesen with many snow skills but needs to be mentioned as the expert egg cooker of all time; invite him to cook them for you! James Conlon and Serena Hartl are also new to ACC, young trend setters, avid skiers with interesting tales to share who immediately settled into the group. They were married three weeks after their return to Vancouver. You will have a chance to congratulate them if you are going to Mt. Hood. Melinda Straight the talented telemarker, Helen Tremlett the splendid splitboarder, Harald the steeps skier and galloping Gillian formed the awesome foursome. At times Melinda, Helen and Gillian were the intrepid trio and appreciated Melinda’s route choosing skills. Pat, Linda, Serena, James, Glen, James, Grant, Tracey formed the energetic eight. Add Harald to become the notable nine. All of us together make the terrific twelve. A diverse group in every way, eclectic yes, but spontaneously melded to enjoy one another and share in every way to make Kokanee 2014 such an enjoyable and memorable experience. Thanks to you all for making my life easy and the care you took of each other. Take note folks you can still put in $15 for the kokanee Glacier Hut lottery week of your choice prior to May 18th 2014. You will never begrudge the money if you win. Submitted by Gillian Palejko

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