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Sun, Feb 17 2013 - Cypress - 3 Summits Enchainment (View Original Event Details)

Event Leader(s): Rob Brusse
Participants:Rob Brusse, Katie Ferland, Sean Murray, Stephane Nicaise, Scott Black, Sam Giroux, Eckhardt Ferdinandi, Alan Zacharias, Jacquie Gaudet, Lawrence Blatchford, Lena Ioui, Claude Mongeon, Rob Kay, Mandy MacIver, Glenn Friesen

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Write Up:

Fifteen enthusiasts responded to Rob Brusse's last minute summons to join the Quest for the Three Summits of Cypress [soon to be a major motion picture, preferably filmed in Fiji with computer-generated ski shots]. Our prayers for fresh snow had been answered, although parsimoniously with perhaps a quarter inch of powder sprinkled on the glazed concrete base produced by a week of malevolent freeze-thaws. We zoomed up Black Mountain on the snowshoe trail, across to the NE end of Cabin Lake and up to the rim of Yew Gully, where reality struck. Despite its deep north aspect, the gully was hard snow boobytrapped with ice patches under every other tree, and the scraping of thirty shuddering skis echoed across Cypress bowl as we zigzagged down the gulch. After traversing above Yew Lake, a quick sanity check was performed. Two of us passed and headed back to their car, while the 13 who flunked set sail for Strachan. Cleverly avoiding the snowshoe trail, we did a quick warm-up thrash through the trees to the road below the TopGun run. Good training for what lay ahead. Then up the Howe Sound Crest trail to the sign that says "death awaits beyond this point". Hence eastward up the trees until forced left by steep bluffs. The route-finder considerately demonstrated the idiocy of side-hilling on ice, a lesson quickly learned by the rest who stayed low on an ascending ramp that led eventually and with moderate cursing to the west edge of the Glades ski run. Skirting the fence at the top of the Sky-Chair, we hit a few inches of powder, reminding us of what could have been, but all too soon the snow pack reverted to coastal compact and we scuddered down precipitous slopes to the edge of the Collins run. At this point we voted unanimously to abandon the planned assault on the execrable snowpack girding Hollyburn peak, and thus hacked out one last traverse under the bluffs then down to the cars. There everyone politely declared it a wonderful day of skiing [lies] and great company [truth].
Rob Kay reporting

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